How to make money from photography|How can you make money from your photos?[Easy]

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Do you know how to make money from photography?

If you aspire to transform your love for photography into a lucrative venture, you’ve landed in the perfect spot! Although the realm of professional photography is highly competitive, there exist numerous untapped avenues to monetize your captivating images, some of which you may not have previously contemplated.

How to make money

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How To Make Money Make Money with Photography Online

The advent of the internet has significantly expanded the possibilities for photographers who aspire to earn money from their photographs. The following list presents a range of opportunities that can be pursued from the comfort of your own home, offering remarkable flexibility. These avenues allow you to set your own schedule and generally do not require a substantial time investment.

These opportunities, collectively known as “earning money with photography,” provide an ideal means of monetizing your photos while maintaining a primary job.

Sell Pictures Online with Stock Photography Websites

How to make money online

When creating stock photos, it is essential to keep a few key points in mind. Focus on capturing niche subject matters, stay updated with current trends, and aim for authentic and candid-looking photographs rather than staged shots.

Furthermore, it is crucial to select the most suitable stock photography platforms. With a wide array of options available, each platform offers unique benefits. Considerations include payment rates, exclusivity rights, and exposure opportunities. Determine the aspect that holds the highest significance for you and proceed accordingly.

If you are seeking opportunities to monetize your photos online, Shutterstock is an excellent platform to explore. It provides fair payment rates, starting at 20 percent, and many stock photographers claim that this platform constitutes a significant portion of their earnings.

How to make money online

On the flip side, if your goal is to maximize exposure for your photos and you’re willing to accept a lower payment rate, iStock is a reliable option. It offers starting pay rates of 15 percent and has a customer base of 1.5 million people worldwide. While it may not be the top choice for those looking to monetize their photos, it is the ideal platform if your primary objective is to gain recognition and exposure for your name and work.

There are numerous other websites available to choose from. For additional options regarding selling landscape photos online, you can refer to this article. We also provide valuable tips on how to appropriately price your stock photography.

Before you begin uploading your pictures, it’s important not to overlook the significance of updating your online portfolio website. Customers who come across your images on stock photography sites could potentially become clients. After purchasing your stock work, they may visit your website, so it’s crucial to have a professional and well-organized website that showcases your best work.


Blogging presents a remarkable opportunity for individuals interested in monetizing their photography skills. By creating an outstanding blog that captivates readers and keeps them engaged, you can actually generate a substantial income through advertising.

Among the various options available, Google Ads stands out as one of the simplest and most widely used methods. However, don’t confine yourself solely to online advertisements. Consider approaching businesses that could benefit from advertising on your blog. For instance, if your blog primarily focuses on photography tutorials, explore the possibility of collaborating with photo workshops interested in promoting their services. By directly approaching advertisers instead of relying on services like Google Ads, you retain full control over the advertising revenue.

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The key to successful blogging lies in consistently publishing high-quality content. Opting for photography tutorial articles, equipment reviews, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into your creative process can greatly enhance your blog’s appeal. Here are a few additional ideas for your photography blog:

  1. Showcase inspiring photo projects and share the stories behind them.
  2. Curate lists of must-have photography gear and accessories for different purposes.
  3. Interview renowned photographers and learn from their experiences.
  4. Discuss post-processing techniques and offer editing tips and tricks.
  5. Present photo challenges or assignments to encourage reader participation.
  6. Explore different genres of photography and provide insights and inspiration.

You don’t even need a separate website to host your blog. Choose a website builder that includes built-in blogging functionality. This way, your readers can explore your photos and blog seamlessly within a single platform. Such integration adds credibility to your blog, as readers place higher value on your instructional articles when they can witness examples of your expertise.

It’s also crucial to link your Instagram feed to your online portfolio. This allows clients and potential clients to experience more of your remarkable photography firsthand.

Photo Competitions

Numerous exceptional photography competitions provide substantial cash prizes. Emerging as a winner or even securing a runner-up position in a competition can provide invaluable exposure and establish your reputation as a proficient photographer.

Listed below are a few noteworthy photography contests that can assist you in monetizing your photography skills:

  1. The International Photography Awards: This annual competition offers prizes ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 across various categories such as people, nature, events, fine art, and architecture.
  1. National Geographic Photo Contest: Held annually, this contest offers prizes up to $2,500. You can submit photos in three distinct categories: wildlife, people, and places. National Geographic also conducts other photo contests throughout the year. Winners not only receive recognition through the magazine and website but also have their work showcased. Make sure to stay updated on their website to know when submissions are open.
  2. The Format Picks Monthly Art Contest: With a prize of $500, this contest accepts artwork from virtually any category. To stay informed about the upcoming month’s theme, subscribe to the Format newsletter.

Online Marketplaces

In the vast realm of online marketplaces, a plethora of avenues awaits photographers to showcase and sell their captivating images. These digital arenas, akin to stock sites, present a platform where your photographic masterpieces can proudly mingle with those of other talented artists. Naturally, competition thrives in such an environment, but fear not, for these marketplaces grant you the power to establish your own pricing, allowing for greater profits to grace your photography ventures.

What sets online marketplaces apart is their ability to provide access to a vast customer base. Moreover, these platforms are tailored to cater specifically to the discerning tastes of artists and art enthusiasts. Consequently, you shall encounter a unique breed of customers, distinct from those frequenting stock photography sites.

For more options, check out our list of the best sites that pay you to sign up.

The realm of online marketplaces hosts a myriad of diverse platforms, each with its own specialty. Some of these platforms primarily focus on the sale of digital images, while others embrace the art of prints. And then there are those remarkable few that cater to both domains, accommodating the versatile needs of photographers and their patrons alike.

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