How to make money from Quora| Can You Earn Money by Using Quora?

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Do you want to know how to make money from Quora?

Quora: A Platform for Questions and Answers

Just like this article, Quora follows a question-and-answer format. Unlike other writing platforms, Quora is a straightforward platform where you can both ask questions and provide answers. It serves as a hub for individuals seeking information and knowledge.

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On Quora, users can pose questions on various topics, and these queries are answered by individuals who possess expertise in those specific areas. If you have a deep understanding of a particular subject, you can contribute your knowledge by answering questions.

Quora’s simplicity lies in its question-and-answer structure, making it a valuable resource for acquiring information and insights. Whether you seek answers or possess expertise to share, Quora provides a platform to facilitate this exchange of knowledge.

How To Sign Up on Quora?

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To create an account on Quora, you have the option to sign up using either your Gmail or Facebook account. Begin by searching for Quora on the Google Search Engine. Typically, Quora’s official website appears at the top of the search results. Click on the website to access the Sign In and Sign Up options. If you’re already a Quora user, simply choose Sign In. However, if you’re new to Quora, select Sign Up and proceed by logging in with your Gmail or Facebook credentials.

 Set Your Profile/Add Credentials

How to make money online

Once you’ve successfully signed up, you will be directed to your Quora profile. Setting up your profile and adding credentials is crucial to establish yourself as a genuine, knowledgeable, and qualified user on Quora. Here are the key credentials you should include:

  1. Name: Enter your official name or business name. You have the flexibility to choose how you want to present your profile. If you prefer to use a specific blog name, you can include it. For instance, I have set my profile using my official name, without a blog name. I recommend setting your profile with your name, as you’ll have another option for your blog, which I will explain in the upcoming section.
  2. Work details: Include your work experience. Again, it’s your choice how you want to showcase it. If you have multiple professions, you can add all of them, or focus on the one most relevant to your niche.
  3. Education: Provide details about your education and diplomas. Additionally, you can highlight your skills in the education section, as it helps people find you based on your expertise.
  4. Location: You have the option to add your home location, workplace location, or simply mention your country.

Taking the time to set up your profile and add these credentials will enhance your credibility and help Quora users recognize you as an authentic and knowledgeable individual.

What is Quora Space?

Quora Space serves as a significant source of earnings on the platform and can be considered similar to a blog. It’s important to understand that your Quora profile and Quora Space are separate entities. Just like we have accounts and publications on Medium, Quora profile and Space are distinct aspects. Creating a Space is essential for monetizing your account and generating earnings, requiring separate credentials.

The Light Space: Let’s illuminate the world with positivity through words and art.

4.1. Monetization: On the right side of your profile, you will find the monetization option. Click on it to create a Space and enable all the earning programs. The process is straightforward, as described here.

4.2. Earning sources: Earnings on Quora primarily come from ads displayed on your content, based on views and engagement. It’s important to note that Quora doesn’t pay directly from its own pockets, so understanding the earning sources is crucial.

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The main earning sources on Quora are as follows:

  1. Ads: As mentioned earlier, ads appear on your posts based on traffic, contributing to your earnings.
  2. Subscription: Subscriptions provide another avenue for earning money on Quora. During the monetization process mentioned earlier, you’ll encounter the option to set a subscription fee for your Space. Subscribers pay a specific fee to access your Space content in its entirety.
  3. Advertising your website: Another method to earn on Quora is by promoting your blog or website. Quora is an excellent platform for driving traffic to your website or blog. If you have your own website, you can share links to your articles on Quora, attracting more visitors to your site. Similarly, you can also share your Medium article links on Quora.

Quora Space offers an opportunity to monetize your account and earn through various means, including ads, subscriptions, and driving traffic to your own website or blog.

How challenging is it to obtain views on Quora?

Based on my personal experience, acquiring views on Quora is not particularly difficult. Once you’ve posted a question or answer, views typically start coming in quite soon. However, obtaining views within Quora Spaces can be somewhat more challenging. As an example, I created this account yesterday and managed to accumulate 976 views within a single day.

  1. How many views are necessary to display ads on a post? There is no definitive answer to this question as it varies from person to person. Some individuals start earning after reaching 6,000 views, while others may require 1 million views. The specific correlation between views and earnings remains undisclosed. Nonetheless, you can gain insights from the experiences shared by Quora users. To do so, you can explore the responses to the question, “How much do you earn on Quora per month?” There, you will encounter a range of answers, as not everyone earns the same amount. On average, individuals earn between $500 to $1,000 per month.

Final Thought:

Quora stands out as a convenient and excellent online platform for earning money. However, it is worth noting that competition exists on Quora as well. Nevertheless, by maintaining consistent effort, one can attain their goals in a relatively short period. While not demanding excessive exertion, it necessitates unwavering consistency. Quora proves to be an easier platform for establishing a blog or portfolio compared to others. If time constraints arise, dedicating just an hour or half-hour daily can suffice.

Patience, hard work, and consistency are essential in any profession, skill, goal, or passion. Overnight success is rare; it requires time and effort. When presented with an opportunity to achieve your goals, investing a small amount of time should not be seen as a significant obstacle. I hope this article has been helpful to you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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