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Did you know you can get paid to watch videos?

Watching videos online can actually be a profitable endeavor! If you’re someone who enjoys movies or frequently indulges in online videos, why not earn some extra cash while you’re at it? By simply watching content on your phone, you have the opportunity to earn free money or gift cards. Granted, you may not earn as much compared to other online money-making methods or work-from-home jobs.

How to make money

Want to Make Extra Money Now?

However, when it comes to mindless video watching, you can still make a decent amount of money!

In fact, if you’re committed to the task, it’s possible to earn upwards of $500 per month for watching videos and movies from the comfort of your own home.

How to make money online

Whether it’s to acquire a new skill or seek information, individuals have various motives for watching videos. But what if you could also earn money while doing so? It may sound astonishing, but there are genuine opportunities to make money by watching videos online, whether on your phone or computer. In fact, millions of users are already leveraging their spare time to generate income through this method. If you’re interested in earning money by watching videos, this guide will show you how.

Can you make money watching videos?

How to make money online

In this era of digital advancements, it comes as no surprise that numerous companies are discovering innovative methods to interact with users. One such strategy entails compensating individuals for watching videos online. This approach serves a twofold purpose: companies obtain valuable feedback and engage with their audience, while individuals seize the opportunity to earn rewards.

There are multiple avenues through which individuals can earn money by watching online videos:

  • Ads and Promotional Videos: Companies often compensate viewers for watching their ads or promotional videos. This serves to enhance their reach and impressions, while also providing valuable feedback on the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.
  • Surveys and Reviews: Some companies pay individuals to watch videos and then complete surveys or write reviews about them. This valuable input helps companies understand how their content is perceived and provides insights for future improvements.
  • Testing New Platforms or Features: Companies occasionally offer payment to users for testing new video platforms or features. This enables them to receive real-time feedback on technical issues or usability problems, facilitating the development process.
  • Rewards Programs: Several companies operate rewards programs where individuals can earn points by watching videos. These points can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. Examples of such companies include Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and MyPoints.

Top Brands That Pay Users to Watch Videos Online and in Apps

Various brands offer rewards to users for watching videos, each with their own specific purposes. Research companies often require users to complete online surveys in addition to watching videos. The collected data is utilized for research papers, studies, and other related endeavors. In some cases, companies compensate users for reviewing app trailers, and these reviews are shared with app developers to aid in the further enhancement of their products.

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If you’re seeking hobbies that can generate income, exploring the realm of watching videos might be worth considering. Let’s explore a few legitimate money-making apps that pay users for watching videos online and within apps.

Netflix Tagger: Earn Money by Watching Videos

You might be surprised to learn that Netflix offers job opportunities for those who enjoy watching videos full-time. These positions, known as Netflix Taggers, involve the task of watching shows and movies on the platform and providing descriptive metadata. In simple terms, Netflix Taggers add relevant information such as cast members and subjective descriptions to captivate the audience. It’s a unique opportunity to make money while indulging in your passion for video content.

InboxDollars: Earn Money by Watching Videos

Established in 2000, InboxDollars has proven to be a reliable platform that has already rewarded its members with over $59 million dollars. The concept is simple: you can make money by watching videos across different categories. These videos encompass a range of content, such as product demonstrations, movie trailers, and much more.

Additionally, upon signing up, you receive a $5 reward to kickstart your earning journey. InboxDollars provides a convenient way to monetize your time and interests through video watching.

Kashkick: Earn Money by Watching Videos

Kashkick primarily caters to individuals interested in participating in paid surveys. However, you can also make money by watching ads and short videos on the platform. It’s worth noting that the earning potential for watching videos is relatively lower, as the company focuses more on surveys.

For more options, check out our list of the best sites that pay you to sign up.

To get started, sign up on the site and complete a profile survey, which will earn you $1. Once you qualify for video offers, you can find them in the Offers tab. The reward amounts for these videos typically range from $0.25 to a few dollars.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to earn money on Kashkick by referring friends. For each new person you refer, you can earn 25% of their earnings.

Kashkick provides multiple avenues to make money, including video watching, surveys, and referrals.

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