Do laundromats make money| How Profitable is a Laundromat

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Have you ever wondered how profitable a laundromat is?

Starting a new laundry business and wondering about its profitability? In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through all the essential aspects that will help you stay in the profit zone, including costs and management.

Are you in search of a fresh investment opportunity or a new business idea? Have you conducted extensive research but haven’t yet discovered the perfect option for you?

Now, you might be skeptical about the profitability of laundromats. How much profit can they really generate?

As it turns out, laundromats can be highly profitable.

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According to the Coin Laundry Association, the average revenue of a laundromat in the United States amounts to approximately $300,000 per year. Furthermore, statistics indicate that owning a laundromat is a remarkably secure investment. According to Laundrylux, 95% of laundromats survive beyond their first five years and offer returns that are 25% higher than those of the average mutual fund.

Moreover, laundromats are resilient to economic downturns. They do not experience the typical business cycle. While there might be occasional fluctuations, the industry remains stable.

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However, it’s not as straightforward as it may seem. A proficient entrepreneur must consistently maintain every aspect of their business in excellent condition to ensure profitability. Numerous individuals choose to invest in laundromats under the assumption that it will provide them the flexibility to pursue other interests or secure a passive income stream.

Nevertheless, it’s important to acknowledge that laundromats, similar to any other business, demand attention and hard work. While there is potential to earn a significant amount of money, there is also a risk of substantial financial investment in an unsuccessful venture.

Outlined below are several factors that can influence the profitability of your laundromat.


This is an aspect that may overwhelm novice investors. Establishing and operating a laundromat can be a financially demanding endeavor, particularly in the initial stages. The initial investment required for a laundromat can amount to more than $200,000. This includes expenses such as mortgage downpayment, repairs, renovations, and procurement of machinery. For inspiring success stories about laundromat owners who have achieved substantial profits, you can visit Once you overcome the initial financial hurdle, the subsequent operations become significantly smoother.


Laundromats play a vital role as an essential service since people will always have the need to clean their garments. This inherent demand provides a golden opportunity that can be easily capitalized on. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Indeed, it’s straightforward, which is why many individuals consider venturing into the laundry service industry.

When you commence operations, you will inevitably encounter competition from other laundromats in your vicinity. Therefore, it is prudent to conduct thorough market research beforehand. Take into account the offerings, pricing, and customer satisfaction strategies employed by local laundromats. How can you position yourself to outshine these establishments?

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Furthermore, your competition extends beyond just other laundromats. Apartment complexes equipped with laundry facilities are also contenders. Consider innovative incentives that will entice individuals to step out of their apartment buildings and visit your store.


The significance of location cannot be emphasized enough, as the saying goes: location, location, location. The success of your business heavily relies on selecting the perfect location for your laundromat.

Laundromats primarily depend on local customers due to the limitations imposed by the laundry industry. The majority of people prefer not to travel more than a mile to launder their clothes. Therefore, it is essential to choose a location that is easily accessible by foot or car, ideally in a densely populated area.

Conducting thorough research on the demographics of your chosen location is also important. Generally, laundromat customers tend to have relatively low incomes [8]. Individuals with lower incomes often reside in rental properties that lack dedicated laundry facilities. These individuals will comprise your primary clientele. This demographic may include students, service economy workers, and others.

It is crucial to select a structurally sound building, regardless of whether you are renting or purchasing the property outright. Opting for a fixer-upper might be tempting due to its lower price tag, but investing thousands of dollars in renovations and maintenance after the purchase can significantly impact your profits and prolong your period of financial struggle.


In order for any business to not only survive but also thrive, it is crucial that people are aware of its existence. The act of raising awareness about your business plays a vital role in its future growth.

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When it comes to marketing your laundromat, there are various strategies that can be employed, such as:

  1. Investing in captivating signage for your storefront.
  2. Placing advertisements in local newspapers and on websites.
  3. Utilizing social media platforms to communicate important information about your business, such as sales and special services.
  4. Ensuring your business is listed on online maps like Apple Maps and Google Maps.
  5. Creating a website where individuals can obtain more information about your business.
  6. Allocating funds for online advertising through platforms like Facebook and Google.
  7. Collaborating with other local establishments to develop mutually beneficial marketing campaigns.

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