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Do you want to get paid by just taking pictures with your phone?

In the past, premium cameras were costly and delicate tools primarily utilized by professional photographers.

However, in today’s age, most modern smartphone cameras possess remarkable capabilities that can capture stunning photographs with ease, even for individuals with limited photography skills.

How to make money

Want to Make Extra Money Now?

How to make money online

Whether you are a dedicated photographer or an amateur seeking an additional source of income, numerous opportunities exist to monetize the images captured by your smartphone. All you require is a smartphone equipped with a camera and a reliable platform where you can showcase and sell your photos.

Within this article, we will explore some of the most effective methods to earn money by leveraging your phone’s camera, while also addressing common inquiries about the process.

Getting Started

Commencing a photography side gig requires more than simply capturing a beautiful sunset with your phone and selling the image online.

How to make money online

Smartphone with an exceptional camera: Given the continuous advancements in technology, possessing a high-quality smartphone camera is crucial if you wish to sell your images. Even if your photos are well-framed and properly illuminated, they will be difficult to sell if they are captured with an outdated lens or have low resolution. Check out this article that outlines some commendable smartphone cameras which will serve your purpose effectively.

Photo editing software: While basic edits can be done on your phone, if you intend to optimize your photos for print (such as wall art and merchandise), it is recommended to edit them on a computer. Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom have been the industry leaders in photo editing software for many years. However, if their price tags are too steep for you, there are more affordable alternatives available. GIMP (desktop) and A Color Story (mobile) are both excellent options for editing your photos.

Apps That Pay You To Take Pictures

Brands, agencies, and bloggers have an insatiable appetite for captivating photographs encompassing a wide array of subjects. These valuable visuals are provided by talented photographers like yourself.

Fortunately, there is a plethora of free applications available for both iPhone and Android devices that not only allow you to indulge in your passion for photography but also reward you monetarily for your creative prowess. While it does require a substantial portfolio of images to initiate the earning process, these apps can become a lucrative source of passive income once your photos are uploaded.

#1. EyeEm

Distinguished by its exclusive technological features, EyeEm surpasses other stock photo sites. The app’s advanced algorithm meticulously assesses the aesthetic appeal and relevance of your photos, automatically assigning descriptive tags to their visual elements.

In addition, EyeEm has formed a partnership with Getty Images, a prominent stock photo website. This collaboration significantly amplifies the exposure and potential sales of your images.

By participating in photography “missions” offered by EyeEm’s clients, you have the opportunity to license your photos to renowned brands, have your images showcased on EyeEm’s social media platforms, or even receive desirable rewards. EyeEm generously compensates photographers with a 50% royalty rate for each image sold, while ensuring that you retain complete copyrights to your work.

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#2. Foap

The Foap app provides clear and comprehensive guidelines regarding the criteria for accepting photos. Moreover, it facilitates connections with fellow Foap photographers, enabling you to receive valuable feedback and constructive criticism to enhance your photographic skills.

Foap offers an equitable profit-sharing model, with photographers receiving a 50% share of the earnings from their sold images. Payments are conveniently processed through PayPal.

Although Foap may not possess the same level of marketing prowess as other renowned stock image companies and applications, some users have expressed concerns about the amount of work required relative to the compensation received. Nonetheless, if you are an aspiring photographer seeking to refine your skills and gain exposure, Foap presents itself as a viable option.

#3. Snapwire Snapwire

offers an attractive payout structure, allowing you to retain up to 100% of earnings from client requests and challenges, while earning a 50% commission on downloads made by subscribers.

This application places a strong emphasis on fulfilling client requests compared to other platforms. Requesters have the ability to allocate points to photos that best match their desired aesthetic. At the end of the competition, companies seeking images can purchase the chosen photos from the winner(s).

Photographers have the opportunity to advance their skills and reputation by achieving higher levels through successful image submissions and projects. Each level attained brings advantages that increase exposure and enhance the potential for selling more photos.


Images Hailing from Spain, AGORA app functions more as a social media platform rather than a stock photo website. They organize weekly photo challenges that offer cash prizes, and the winners are determined by votes from app users.

The payouts range from $1,000 to $25,000, and winning photographers also have the opportunity to be featured in renowned newspapers and magazines worldwide. Due to its global audience, AGORA hosts a diverse but highly competitive environment.

AGORA serves as an excellent avenue for gaining exposure. However, if your primary objective is to maximize monetary gains, it is worth considering other applications that may align better with your financial goals.

Work As A Freelance Photographer

If you aspire to establish a flourishing photography business, consider promoting your exceptional services on renowned platforms like Fiverr and various other freelance websites. By doing so, you will gain exposure to a vast global clientele, regardless of whether you have honed your photography skills over the years or are just venturing into this captivating domain.

The demand for captivating visuals in various sectors is substantial. Notably, there is a growing need for enticing food images that cater to cooking blogs, high-quality product photos sought after by thriving e-commerce stores, as well as engaging lifestyle stock photos. Instead of simply capturing images and hoping for sales, collaborating with clients through Fiverr ensures that every photo you produce has a guaranteed buyer.

For more options, check out our list of the best sites that pay you to sign up.

One remarkable advantage of working as a freelance photographer on platforms like Fiverr is the opportunity to engage directly with your clients. This allows you to establish a seamless communication channel where you can mutually agree upon deadlines and negotiate the rates for your exceptional services. By retaining control over these aspects, you can effectively manage your workload and maximize your income.

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